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Music Magic – Using music to transform your reality and reach higher state of consciousness for fun and profit.

July 24, 2018

 Music has always been central to spirituality, worship and altered states of consciousness. Drumming circles, church choirs, inspired symphonies, Tibetan chanting….

The music of the spheres and the songs of angles.

In fact I think for most people their first direct experiences of rapture, of oneness, are while listening to their favorite songs. When everything is perfect, all the universe is just right. If only for a moment.

Spirituality doesn’t only exist in the church, or some distant Tibetan mountain peak. It is here, everywhere, even on youtube.

So I’ve put together a few of my favorites, from a variety of genres.

These are all songs that consistently change my reality.

By that I mean they turn a bad day into a good one. They lift my spirits. They make me happy to be alive. Happy to be able to experience this joy.

The simple pleasure of a good song.

Really what more do you want from a bit of pop art?

Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy

Only 21 years old! She is clearly tapped into some deep deep level of human experience here.

My skin literally tingles.

Who cannot relate to her beautiful lyrics.

When we are young
We all want someone
Who we think is the one
Just to fit in
There's no need to rush
Take your time
Life's a big old ride
Sit back and enjoy the vibe

With so much negativity in the world, Jorja is making the world a better place with one unbelievably mature, deep, and beautiful song at a time. 

Pional - The Way That You Like Feat. Empress Of

This is a bit of a dance floor banger. With great lyrics.

“Call me when you feel right
I can be the one to hold you just
The way that you like”

Romantic, fun, this song always makes me want to dance. And possibly make out.

DJDS - I Heard feat. The Dream and Vory

This one starts off a bit dark, down beat. And well it stays that way.

But there is beauty in darkness too.

There is something about the cry for help, the reaching out to god in times of need which touches the soul.

And still I wait up, I stay up, I’ll wake up
I’ll pray about you
I know I fucked up don't throw my face in this cup
Can't live without you
But he lies like I lied, but my lies were sweeter
He lies 'cause he want you
And I lie 'cause I need you

Sohn – Conrad

Ok time to pick up a notch. Not quite 11, possibly an 8 or 9.

This song is just awesome,

“I can feel it coming,

We can never go back”

Radiohead – any song, all of them

Radiohead is deep up in the collective consciousness. Among modern artists I don’t know any other that has so consistently tapped into the primal, deep, dark place within us. The source from which all other emotions emerge.

this dance

it’s like a weapon

of self defense

against the present

present tense

If I could just tap into a small fraction of this magic current……..

Haunting, touching, pure musical magic at its finest.

I sincerely hope one of these songs improves your day.

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