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Amulets of Desire

Hi, welcome to my home.

They call me Leo, the Lord of Abundance .

A bit high and mighty I know, but you should hear my parent's names.

My company, Aythr and I only have one purpose in life: to help you achieve your desires.

The Art of Desire

Seriously, ask yourself what are your deepest desires? To become richer than Queen Elizabeth? More enlightened than the Buddha? Or maybe just to live peacefully in a quiet cottage by the sea. There are no wrong desires (as long as no harm comes to others). There is no shame and there is no guilt.

No desire is too small, nor are they too big. What you want is what you want. Own it.

So how do you wrap your pretty little fingers around the object of your fascintation?


"As above, so below. As without, so within."

- Hermes Trismegistus -

Magic is the art of manifesting your desires. You do this by creating a symbol of your desire, a picture, a sigil, or a necklace. This symbol acts like a battery that you charge with your emotions, your desires, your personal magnetism. The battery then supplies the focused energy that allows you to manifest your specific dream.

A clear, focused desire and an intention to create it are the secret keys. And, of course, a beauitful necklace.

What do you desire most?

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