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Bespoke Amulets

Would you like a one of kind piece of art and magic which helps you focus on your unique bliss?

These bespoke amulets are some of the most personal and powerful art that I have ever created. And I think my clients are more than happy with the positive results.

It starts with a brief consultation, where we’ll discuss your specific situation and goals.

Then I’ll return to my library and research the optimal subconscious symbolic archetypes that can best express this desire.

Next, I’ll design your amulet in my studio with paper, pen, and 3d modelling software.

When I feel that the image perfectly embodies your specific desire, I’ll send it to be forged.

Once materialized on this plane, I’ll energetically cleanse it, charge it with your intent and mail it directly to you.

This whole process will take about a month.

From the moment you receive your amulet it will begin to work its magic. Silently, seeping into your deep and powerful unconscious where it will begin to grow and expand. And with a bit of luck, in time your deepest desire will sprout up into your life and you will begin to experience the unique bliss which you have been searching for.

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Once you order, I'll contact you to discuss your amulets intention and design.

All bespoke amulets include a matching chain.

Message me on FB if you have any questions.

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