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 Could a piece of jewelry really change your life?


I know It sounds ridiculous, I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen, first hand, the countless positive changes in women’s lives.


From doubtful and uncertain, to confident and poised. The transformations can be remarkable.


What is it about a small piece of metal and gold and some mysterious symbols that can have such a powerful resonance?


From what bottomless well does this power spring forth?


Is it magic, witchcraft, hypnosis, placebo, or belief?


a combination of all of the above?


I think if we are honest with ourselves, in those quiet moments, when we really look inside and truly feel our emotions, our thoughts, our hopes and fears that we come to the almost dizzying conclusion that we are vast, possibly endless.


“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself;
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

“ Whitman


The deeper we go, the deeper we are.


Where do you end and where does the world begin?


Via deep symbology and archetypal imagery and a bit of witchcraft, these amulets tap into that inner well of power. That bottomless spring that exists in all of us and unites us all.


Your deep mind, the source of your emotions, dreams, hopes, desires, is guiding you. Shaping your reality, bringing you experiences and events that resonate with your internal visions.


It’s powers are awesome, and when united with your conscious mind, your conscious desires and goals, can be an unstoppable force for an abundant and joyful life.


However, when your conscious mind is not aligned with your deep mind, confusion, anxiety, and fear will reign.


You will literally feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions. One moment here, the next over there. Rapidly alternating emotions, hope to fear, desire to disgust.


As if there is no psychic foundation in your life. No deep, solid, soil to spread your roots and support you as you reach toward the sun.


Your conscious mind, your individual personality can give shape to your dreams, but it is the power of the deep mind that that gives them the spark of life so that they can manifest in the world.


How do you align your conscious personality with the awesome strength and authority of the deep mind?


For Carl Jung that process was known as Individuation, for the western magical tradition and witchcraft, it is known as the great work.


And as the name suggests, it’s not exactly a quick and easy process. Uniting the inner and outer, the ego and the deep mind and becoming spiritual whole traditionally involves years of study, preparation, meditation, practice and devotion.


It’s achievement is the ultimate goal of many spiritual traditions around the world. The motivation and reward for many years of sacrifice.


Very few people are called to this rather esoteric pursuit.


What about the rest of us? Are we forever doomed to be at war with ourselves? Distracted, divided and weak.


Fortunately, the great masters of the past have left us a few tricks.


In almost all traditional cultures, amulets and talismans have provided one of these links.


Combined with possibly a mantra or prayer and some simple visualizations, these carefully crafted works of art and spiritual science translate the desires and hope of the conscious mind, your day to day personality, into the symbols and archetypes that the deep mind understands.


I suppose it’s like the google translate for speaking with your deep mind.


Once the deep mind understands and accepts your conscious desires, the awesome power of your full spiritual being is set in motion. The conditions, events, resources necessary for your wishes to be fulfilled appear as if almost by magic.


These amulets provide the link. Wearing them around your neck sends the message to your deep mind. And if accepted, begins the process of creating the life of your dreams.

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