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The Queen's Secret

For tens of thousands of years, queens, priestesses and warriors have been wearing magic infused jewelry to help them realize their deepest desires.

Desires for love.

Desires for health.

Desires for abundance in all areas of their lives.


Ancient queens, priestesses, and witches like the great Cleopatra have searched the world and paid enormous sums for the most potent magical tools for empowerment.

What gives these small hand crafted peices of metal their unique power?


Amulets provide a material focal point for your desires in the world.


A bridge between the internal world of magic and the external world of people places and things.

Each of these amulets are specifically constructed to embody these desires, for love, health and happiness.

Via their unique symbolism they help you manifest your desires in the world.


What do you want to manifest in your world?

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