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Bliss Egg

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Honor your bliss with this daily reminder.

Write your specific intention on a small piece of paper and insert it into your egg.

When you wear your bliss egg it will be sending a deep message to your subconcious. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, with time and beneficial conditions, your desire will grow into a beautiful manifestation.


This amulet comes with a guided meditation which will help you to charge and energize your Amulet.

All of our amulets are custom made specifically for individual customers and they can take up the 4 weeks to arrive. We will keep you updated on the status of your order.

  • Available in 18k Gold, 14k Rose Gold both of which are plated Brass.
  • Or solid Silver.
  • The amulet is 20mm in length. 15mm in Diameter
  • Does not include a chain.

Honor Your Bliss

Step 1:

Write down your bliss.

Step 2:

Roll up your bliss.

Step 3:

Insert your bliss.

Step 4:

Wear and live your bliss.

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